Autumn and Winter Breaks

Our Autumn and Winter Short Breaks are available from November to the end of March at our special Autumn and Winter prices. Christmas and New Year bookings can be for a full week or more. Start dates are flexible.


The Isle of Mull is just as beautiful in Autumn and Winter as in the Summer months. In fact, the island seems much more personal, more tranquil, more wild, perhaps revealing its true character without the distraction of the Summer crowds (such as they are!). Summer colours give way to the vibrant golds and browns and deep greens of Autumn. The sky is often a brilliant blue and the sea still sparkles like diamonds in the sunshine. Sunsets and sunrises are often absolutely spectacular and a full moon in a clear black sky, peeping around a silver rimmed cloud and shimmering in its reflection in the sea is simply breathtaking and never to be forgotten.


Wildlife is still abundant in Winter. Mull has many year round residents, among them our very own Sea Eagles, Golden Eagles, Seals, Otters and so many others. Winter visitors include Barnacle Geese, Great Northern Divers and Slavonian Grebe. The wintery weather is often ideal for sightings. Otters have their young during the winter to take advantage of the warmer Gulf Stream, Mountain Hares are in their winter coats and Red Deer are easily spotted on the hills.


Thanks to the effects of the Gulf Stream, Mull rarely has snow on the ground; only Ben More, at 1050 metres, regularly has snow on its peak between October and May.


Nothing could be better, after an exhilarating day out exploring the hills or forests of Mull, than to head for home knowing that a warm and comfortable welcome awaits you at Ulva House.